Lightspeed Restaurant Point of Sale

Lightspeed is the industry leading next generation POS system that will allow you to harness the power of its lightning fast iPad based order capture and analytics suite. Take full control with beautiful, colour coded menus and a wide range of integrated technologies to allow you to manage tables, take online orders, track your delivery drivers and deliver convenience for your customers with directly integrated card payments.


ResNet Communications is a certified Lightspeed Expert and we specialise in integrations, menu design & implementation. From smart stock control, table booking software and online ordering solutions to on-site implementation and training, we’ll take the pain away from switching POS system and ensure that you have a seamless experience.

From just €99 a month

We provide industry leading solutions for your hospitality business.

Talk to us today and learn how ResNet Communications can create a solution to suit your requirements and your budget.

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From beautiful website design with CMS to the world's best restaurant POS system, discover how to bring your business into the modern age with our best in class solutions. 

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Take out & delivery

Driver tracking, analytics, ergonomic POS workflow design. ResNet Communications are experts at tailoring a solution that will help your brand to be the very best that it can be with minimum fuss.  

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Elevate your guest experience with Lightspeed POS. Publish events, track your visitors and more with our smart CMS systems.

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Award winning website design

look your best

Your website is where most of your customers are first exposed to your business. So it is more important than ever before to be able to showcase your brand in the way that it deserves. ResNet works with an award winning design studio in New York City to deliver the best hospitality websites in the world. In a visual industry, a beautifully designed website will deliver increased revenue and traffic, and will foster stronger brand loyalty. Talk to us today about how we can provide an online experience for your brand that is unmatched in the industry.

Take control

Take advantage of a powerful backend CMS that will allow you to control all aspects of your site. New menu? No problem-and no need to contact your web developer. Just log in and make the required changes. Its fast, easy and super efficient-particularly if you like to change your content and images frequently. ResNet will design and launch your site, and then provide full training on how to harness the power of the backend CMS built specifically for restaurants. Change the way you do online, and stay ahead of the competition with the ability to add flexible content and imagery as you please.


real time website updates

Gone are the days of having to contact your web developers to have even the smallest change made to your site. We will provide a full backend system for you to take full control of opening hours, new menu additions, pricing, images and much more. Enable the use of popup and banner messages to inform your customer of upcoming events, scheduled closures and other items of interest to them. Connect your website contact forms with our customer service platform to ensure that you never miss an enquiry, comment or request from your customers again. 

Integrated analytics

With a full Google analytics integration, you can analyse your web traffic right from the backend dashboard of your website. Use powerful analytics to determine where your web traffic is coming from, and measure your conversion rates. With full social media integration, visitors to your site will also be kept informed of activity across your social channels. Sell gift cards, merchandise and event tickets right from your website, and measure the revenue earned from your dashboard. 


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Customised websites & apps that increase your sales.


ResNet Communications partners with the leading providers of online ordering to deliver seamless integration to your website and store POS. Chat to us about how start saving money immediately-we don't believe that you should be punished by high commission fees, and we ensure seamless integrations with your existing technologies. Contact us to find out more.


Map based driver tracking. The future of online ordering.

Now you can keep track of your drivers, from kitchen to door. Never lose sight of where your delivery drivers are, and more importantly-tell your customers how their order is progressing. Our real-time delivery tracking system will leave your customers and managers delighted, increasing loyalty and providing an ordering experience that the competition simply can't match.


Spread the word about your business.

From beautiful, full screen email marketing to GDPR compliant SMS marketing drives, ResNet Communications puts you ahead of your competition with targeted, measurable campaigns that deliver. Talk to us today about how we can help you gather your customer data and create really effective marketing campaigns.