Online Ordering and Apps

ResNet can provide you with your own beautifully produced online ordering website which integrates directly with your POS, and which you can operate at a fraction of the cost of using aggregators. You'll also own 100% of your own customer data, allowing you to build your database for marketing and other direct communication with your customers.

Our dedicated brand and menu building service ensures that your brand is presented in the way it is supposed to be. From graphic design to professional food photography, ResNet provides the tools you need to build a better brand and online presence.

Integrated Just Eat, Deliveroo & Uber Eats

Use the power of Deliverect to channel all of your aggregator orders into your POS. If you have multiple locations, you can also manage all of them using a single master menu which publishes changes in real time.

Eliminate manual input of orders by staff, allowing them to focus on what matters-running your FOH operation smoothly.

We integrate all of your incoming online orders to your POS, removing the need to have multiple tablets and order printers at the front of house. This eliminates mistakes and ensures that you don't miss anything on any order from your customers.

Take control of your customer base.

Whilst it is important in a lot of cases to have your business on the main aggregator sites, It is widely known that they do not share customer information with their partners. This means that as a restaurant owner you are denied the opportunity to have a direct marketing relationship with your customers. Unbeknownst to many restaurant owners who use aggregator sites they are missing out on the opportunity to drive thousands of customers to their own platforms to capture the same orders, which would cost them a fraction of what it does to have a presence alongside other operators on marketplace websites.

ResNet can help you to:

  • Understand, own and process your customer database.
  • Remain fully GDPR compliant.
  • Produce branded direct marketing campaigns to stimulate orders.
  • Build a loyal customer base who are incentivised to order through your own website, thereby saving you thousands in commission fees annually.

We have competitive rates that make sense, and we are committed to building ordering platforms that will really engage your loyal customers. Our new digital loyalty card feature ensures that you keep your customers ordering directly from your site and app, leading to increased brand loyalty and a lasting relationship.